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A Native Elder Speaks on the Canadian Holocaust

How does genocide continue in Canada, and how do the government, churches, and the social system work together to hide their involvement? How did 50,000 native children never return home from these 'schools'? Where are the hidden graves? Wilf speaks of the torture his family members suffered in residential schools, and relates the murder and abuse to the context in which indigenous people live in Canada today. This abuse includes being experimented on by Nazi doctors who fled Germany to come to Canada, among other horrors.

Wilf, along with Kevin Annet, is heavily involved with the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada.

Download 32:57   Recorded December 21, 2005

(This picture is of a burning residential school in Carcross, Yukon. Many residential schools were burned to the ground in the early 1900s by native youth who chose to fight back in one of the few ways they could.)