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Upon request, here are some links to some of the musicians who I support.

Tha Declining Amphibian Phenomenon - From deep within the dark primordial waters of the black lotus pond, chaos and revolutionary consciousness are bubbling to the surface. Tha Declining Amphibian Phenomenon is echoing through the last of the old growth and breaking through the cracks in the concrete, undermining city structures from the bottom up. The perennial thorn Praxis and the medicinally potent Chickweed cannot be stopped... hip hop at it's finest.

Riot Folk - Making Folk a Threat Again... Riot Folk is a mutual-aid collective of musicians making music to provoke, teach, heal and inspire.

Burnt Oak is a indy-rock label based out of Guelph. More specifically, they are based out of a house that regularly hosts great shows and is home to a number of very nice people.

MC Lynx is an anarchist hip hop artist living in San Francisco. He's been rhyming for over 13 years, nowadays rhyming at fundraisers for anarchist political prisoners and anti-war rallies, and making all his music available for free on his website.

Ndidi Cascade is one of Canada's most incredible hip hop artists. I've seen her half a dozen times, and each time she brings an amazing, uplifting, politically and spiritually conscious energy to those who are lucky enough to be there. She's been rhyming since she was 9, and she has performed at music festivals across the country. Besides that, she also facilitates youth workshops using hip-hop as a medium to deal with subjects such as self-esteem, racism, sexism, and other social issues.