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 Areas of Focus

Freeing our Minds and Hearts: Civilization, Psychology, Mental Health, and Deep Ecology

Understanding Climate Collapse

Indigenous Solidarity on Turtle Island

Direct Action, Political Prisoner Support, and Understanding the Police State

Guelph: "A Hotbed of Radicalism"

Book Reviews


Ways We Can Work Together




I'm always looking for more ways that these interviews can give back to the broader social movements from which they came, so I'd like to share with you a few ideas I have as to how we may be able to help each other. This is just a beginning of a brainstorm, so if you have any more ideas, please do get in touch with me. My email address is at the bottom of the contents bar.

How I may be able to help you...

Covering issues or events you want more people to know about

Contributing this work to be more a part of on-the-ground movements, to be used as educational, promotional, or inspirational material

If you live near Guelph, we could collaborate on workshops on a number of issues, including environmental justice, climate change as connected to other social issues, permaculture, emotional health for activists, and maybe a few more....

Developing links and strengthening networks between our respective work and the work of others

On-the-ground reporting of events in the local region

How you may be able to help me...

Linking to my website

Burning cds of these interviews and giving them to people, or finding other ways to share them with people you think would be interested

Playing these interviews on your own radio shows or giving them to people you know who have radio shows

Helping me find funding opportunities so I could work full time on this project to develop it to be far broader

Transcribing any of these interviews to text form, to be distributed in zine format, or to have excerpts be published in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers

Hooking me up with publications, small or large, that would print excerpts of interviews

Sharing ideas you have about more radio show topics, people to interview, organizations to learn more about, etc.