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Tre Arrow's Extradition Appeal Hearing: An Interview with Shawna, Tre's Sister

Tre Arrow's arrest, alleged crimes, and his three-year imprisonment while awaiting extradition has attracted a lot of attention in Canada and the US. Once on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list, and now in prison in Victoria, BC, Tre is busy trying to fight his extradition to the US based on fraudulent allegation of arson. Tre's legal team was recently in court working in the next stage of their fight to keep him in Canada. I spoke with Shawna Scarpitti, Tre's sister, outside the Vancouver, BC, courthouse.

You can learn more about Tre's case on the Police State and Political Prisoner Support page of this site. Shawna talked with me about Tre's experiences in prison and the current state of his legal struggle. You can learn more about Tre at his support page.

Download 11:36 Recorded on April 18, 2007