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Shannon Keith from Uncaged Films

Shannon Keith is an animal rights lawyer and the producer of Behind the Mask, a film that came out in 2006 that explores the animal liberation movement. Shannon is the founder of ARME (Animal Rescue, Media, and Education), which "rescues homeless animals and is focused on stopping the problem at it`s roots, by making educational documentaries that teach people what really happens to animals and about those who risk their lives and freedom to save them." Shannon is also the founder of the production companyUncaged Films, which she started after she learned that she had been an FBI target, labeled as an 'animal rights extremist'. Shannon works to infiltrate the media with a strong message about animal liberation and fighting back against the accusations that people who support animals are 'terrorists,' and Behind the Mask has been screened around the world in the last year.

Shannon has represented Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) and Kevin Jonas, the president of SHAC USA, as well as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. She has saved dogs from being euthanized in Los Angeles and has helped to prosecute animal abusers. In 2000, she obtained the largest settlement against the City of Los Angeles for the beating to death of a dog by a city employee.

In our interview, Shannon shares some of her stories of making the film, and talks about the Animal Liberation Front and the increasingly wide net of terrorism as defined by those in power. It's an excellent interview, I hope you like it.

Part 1
Part 2
Both parts are approximately 20 minutes.
Recorded December 6, 2006