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For a Soft Landing: Transition Towns, Peak Oil, and Climate Change

Sally Ludwig is one of the people involved in a project called Transition Guelph - an effort to transition off of a dependence on fossil fuels and other unsustainable and exploitative aspects of the modern era, modelled on the Transition Town movement that began in the UK.

She talks of the growth of this movement that values local sustainability, diverse life-supporting skills, and resiliency in the face of ecological and economic turmoil. A great complement to the despair often felt by those working to stop violence and destruction, the Transition model focuses on healing - healing the earth, and healing ourselves. This involves re-localization of food, real social justice and food security, decentralized community governance, permaculture design implemented on as much land as possible, ecotherapy, reform or abandonment of the mainstream education system, local currencies and barter systems, and much more. Basically getting back to the good ol' days before industrial civilization.

Download 24:02  Recorded December 10, 2008