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Root Force: Examining the Costs of Infrastructure and Industrial Culture

Ben and Toby from Root Force explore many different angles on industrial infrastructure - from major highways, shipping networks, mines, oil and gas industries, etc - and its connections with colonialism in the western hemisphere, labour issues and the state of the economy, its cumulative costs to the earth, and the need to strategically resist industrial projects.

The analysis of Root Force differ greatly from mainstream environmentalism, in that it offers a systemic look at the foundations the system, and sees the need for a complete overhaul, rather than various reforms.

Interestingly, though it might seem overwhelming to consider one's ability to do anything about such large systems of power, Ben and Toby suggest that because these infrastructure projects affect so many different areas and issues, there is more of an opportunity for relationships of solidarity between people from different landbases opposing the same projects. An example would be the I-69 highway, which travels through Ontario to Indianapolis, via Michigan.

Especially in this time of ecological and economic collapse, amid a flurry of 'stimulus' packages and such, you may find their analysis and suggestions relevant and useful to your own life. Check out their website, www.rootforce.org, to learn more about what they're up to.

Download 35:56  Recorded May 6, 2009