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Rising Tide's Climate Action Tour

Rising Tide North America is "an international network born out of the conviction that corporate-friendly and state-sponsored 'solutions' to climate change will not save us.... Rising Tide is a grassroots network of groups and individuals who take direct action to confront the roots causes of climate change and promote local, community-based solutions to the climate crisis.

"Rising Tide North America?s strategy is based on a no-compromise approach of stopping the extraction of more fossil fuels and preventing the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure. Equally important, we must phase out our current fossil fuel use and make a just transition to sustainable ways of living. What this means in terms of local organizing depends on the specific conditions unique to each town and bioregion. Rising Tide?s tactics are diverse and creative, taking a bottom-up approach to connecting the dots between oil, war, capitalism, coal, and the destabilization of the global climate."

Three folks from Rising Tide were in the studio here in Guelph for an interview, in which they shared their thoughts about the incredibly important matters of environmental justice, indigenous solidarity, prisoner support, food sovereignty, corporate greenwashing, disaster relief, radical feminism, and direct action.

Please check them out at risingtidenorthamerica.org.

Introductions 6:31
The Tour So Far 7:09
Rising Tide's Environmental Justice Analysis 3:48
Indigenous Solidarity 3:51
Prisoner Support 1:21
Food Sovereignty 4:43
Corporate Greenwashing 7:52
Disaster Relief 8:18
More on Disaster Relief 3:25
Radical Feminism and Environmental Ethics 2:00
Different Direct Actions 6:58
Inspiring Stories 4:03
Final Thoughts 8:54

Recorded May 25, 2007