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Red Dawn and Eric Squire from Six Nations

By now you have likely heard about people of the Six Nations community near Caledonia, Ontario, reclaiming their land from the furthering encroachment of suburbia, and on a larger scale, from colonialism. Red Dawn and Eric are members of the Six Nations community, both intimately involved with the reclamation in many ways.

As before, for more information please check out this excellent resource page that has been set up by the folks at Autonomy and Solidarity, that has links, interviews, articles, and pictures.

In this powerful interview, Red Dawn and Eric talk about their community's determination to never leave the land, the radicalization of indigenous youth, the international mobilization of support for the reclamation, and the inspiration that is spreading from this determined action to fuel people everywhere.

If you can, please consider going to the reclamation to lend support, whether you can offer supplies like water, food, gas, or money, or just to be there with them. Not only do they deeply appreciate it, it will likely be a profoundly transformative experience for you.

Part 1 17:36
Part 2 15:08

Recorded May 3, 2006