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Ramona Africa: Organizing for the MOVE 8's Parole

Note: To learn about the story of MOVE, please listen to my previous interview with Ramona Africa, which is almost entirely about their story and philosophy. You can also visit their website.

On August 11, 2008, the MOVE 8 (still mostly known as the MOVE 9) are up for parole. On that date they will have spent 30 years in prison for a crime none of them ever committed. Their story is intense and heartbreaking, and incredibly injust. Ramona talks with me about their story, the organizing going on around their upcoming parole, and their continuin motivations for freedom and self-determination.

Compromise doesn't work for the victim or for the perpetrator of oppression. Because when you compromise, you don't accomplish anything. It just leaves the oppressor open to keep doing what they're doing. And it's obvious it doesn't work, because a lot of people have taken that position, and it hasn't worked for them. Even if they did get out at the time, they're under the gun of the parole board, because officials feel like these people won't fight back. We don't believe in compromise.

Download 32:42 Recorded on August 8, 2007