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Air quality and pollution in Southwestern Ontario

Quentin Chiotti works with the environmental organization Pollution Probe, as both the Director and Climate Change Program & Senior Scientist. Pollution Probe, now in it's 40th year, focuses on researching and advocating for changes to do with climate change, energy, air, water, environmental health effects, and policy.

Wondering what's in the air? Or what's going on with air pollution these days? Quentin and I talk a whole bunch about air pollution, its main sources, components, health effects, and such. We also get into the topic of climate change, including how it connects to air pollution. And we also address the conundrum that the main sources of pollution are industrial operations that people have come to depend on, and have forgotten how to live without.

This interview focuses on Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, but is still completely relevant to those in other areas.

Download 40:53  Recorded February 11, 2009