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MC Lynx

Lynx is an awesome longtime hiphop artist based out of Oakland, California. He recently returned from a tour of the Celtic Nations, and we talked about his insights and experiences gained from touring in such places. One important thing we discussed was the importance of identity, particularly for white folks, and the ways in which knowing one's identity is an extremely empowering thing. We also got into hiphop, colonization, anarchy, and revolution, and Lynx ends our interview with a recently-written rhyme about what revolution means to him.

I can't think of a better way to describe Lynx than he's done himself:

I believe that people have the right to control their own communities and workplaces democratically, so I am an Autonomist.
One of the most basic rights that goes along with a belief in localized self-governance is the right for indigenous/native people (be they Celts, Africans, Aborigines, Basque, Chechens, Tibetans, Palestinians, Native Americans, and many others) to retain and re-assert control of their homelands and to realize political, religious, and economic self-determination. So I am an Indigenist.
I believe that it is essential for people in different communities to stand up for each other and set up networks of mutual aid and solidarity, so I am a Syndicalist.
I believe that the only way to make sure these networks and localized governing systems work for the people is to make them non-hierarchal and fully accountable to the people, so I am an Anarchist.
I know that the Race system is one of the most powerful tools that the upper classes have to separate working people from each other, and - to put it bluntly - I'm sick of seeing my friends and neighbors get abused; so I am Anti-Racist.
My mother and my sisters are women (as I'm sure yours are too), and it would be stupid of me to ignore the bullshit they have to deal with in this sexist society, so I do my best to be a Feminist (or at least a strong ally, depending on your definitions).
I am aware of the incredible environmental devastation and loss of biodiversity that results from capitalism and I work to stop that devastation by every means available to me so I am an Environmentalist.
I also recognize the fact that the "environment" is not just some nebulous thing that exists outside the cities, but is all around us all the time and that the issues of environmental racism and classism that plague working-class communities are very real, so I am a Social Ecologist.
I recognize the value of all life, not just human life, and am working for dignity and freedom for all life, so I am Biocentric.
I hate violence and want to make human society as nonviolent as possible; however I also recognize that the people in power will never be persuaded to give up their power through purely nonviolent means, so I embrace a philosophy of a Diversity of Tactics, and support action by "every means effective."
Simply put this means that if nonviolence will work then I support nonviolence. If it will not work then I support whatever actions WILL work to achieve freedom.

You can get most of his music for free from his website.

Part 1 19:12
Part 2 24:24

Recorded July 26, 2006