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Water in Peril and Environmental Justice

Mark Mattson, an environmental lawyer with the organization Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, begins by stating that the Great Lakes are on the verge of collapse, and he outlines the main reasons why and how. We explained in detail information on different chemicals in our tap water, in the great lakes, and in the groundwater, the effects on groundwater of the aggregate industry and the bottled water industry, the holistic importance of swamps, creeks, and tributaries to the health of aquifers, and the legal tools citizens have to fight back in the judicial system.

The situation with our water is extremely close to the tipping point, after which the toxification may not be able to be reversed for a very long time. Water is our lifeblood, and this interview has information to arm yourself with to do whatever you can to fight back.

Available in 2 parts:

Part 1 29:12
Part 2 29:16

Recorded January 18, 2006