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Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust

Kevin Annett, the secretary of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, discusses the roles that churches, governments, and all levels of authority played (and continue to play) in orchestrating genocide in Canada, specifically in relation to residential schools, and he talks of the conspiracy to hide these crimes. Kevin also discusses what people of privilege need to do to take responsibility as benefactors of a colonial institution.

Kevin has published an extremely powerful and comprehensive book, titled Hidden From History: The Canadian Holocaust. It is available on Kevin's other site, Hidden From History. It is the best book available on genocide in Canada. I can't recommend it highly enough. Understanding Canada's brutal and sadistic foundations is crucial to understanding just how necessary it is to dismantle all the dominant institutions of power. Excerpts are available from the Truth Commission's site.

Available in 2 parts:

Part 1 26:00
Part 2 19:17
Recorded November 2, 2005