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Kanahus Pellkey from the Native Youth Movement

Kanahus Pellkey is a Secwepemc and Ktnuxa warrior who is a spokesperson for the Secwepemc chapter of the Native Youth Movement. The NYM describes themselves as "a Warrior Society for Indigenous Peoples & Native Youth! Our role is to Defend our Peoples and Territories! NYM uses Education, Agitation, and Direct Action to achieve our goals. Our objective is Freedom!"

One of the main issues the NYM has been mobilizing around has been the 2010 Olympics, which has inspired politicians and earth-destroyers to initiate an intense campaign of destruction and displacement. This has seen the further gentrification of the city of Vancouver and the surrounding area, and the destruction of wild areas, habitat for so many beings, in order to make new highways and ski hills... and so much more. There is a growing movement against the 2010 Olympics, which you can read about in this recent NYM callout, and this No One is Illegal site. Spread the Word!

Also in this interview Kanahus talks about colonialism in Canada, the legacy of genocide that continues today, government anti-terror squad harassment, and how the forces are conspiring for change.... A very powerful interview.

Part 1 20:39
Part 2 26:08

Recorded March 28, 2007

The song at the end is by Buffy Sainte Marie, called My Country T'is Of Thy People You're Dying. Much thanks to the folks at Redwire Magazine.