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Judy Mills from the Save the Tiger Fund

"We need to start imagining a world without the great predators. It is about to become a reality. I stand before you completely defeated. So little has been done since we exposed this last year. The countries involved ? India, China and Nepal ? have done so little to curb the slaughter. India will soon have no tigers. It's just a handful of years before you have none left."

So began another sad day of reading the news... This quote above was from Belinda Wright, someone living in India who is working to stop the illegal killing of tigers. I got a hold of Judy Mills of the Save the Tiger Fund, which is an organization that, "sponsors effective efforts to stop the killing of wild tigers and to enable wild tigers to recover and flourish, while empowering local people to live in balance with natural resources and providing tangible benefits to them whenever possible.

Judy and I talked about the economic, social, and cultural dynamics to the threats tigers face, and we discussed different initiatives, both sane and insane, that are commonly proposed to reverse this problem. It's short but informative.

Download 15:26 Recorded on October 11, 2006