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John Seed on Deep Ecology

John Seed is an Australian deep ecologist and rainforest activist, who writes and speakes extensively on issues relating to deep ecology, and facilitates workshops designed to break people's identification with the dominant paradigms. He is a co-author of Thinking Like a Mountain - Towards a Council of All Beings, he founded the World Rainforest Report, and has produced five albums of environmental songs.

He spoke as much as he could in the limited time we had about these issues, and I think what I liked the most was his belief that it's not so important what issues we work on, because it's difficult to say what is more important than other issues with so much going on today, but that it's most important to gather with other people in our community and share with each other, and support each other.

John is on a little tour, in which he is speaking or facilitating workshops in Boston, Peterborough, Toronto, and a few other places in Southern Ontario. This interview is relatively unedited, and contains talk of these local events, just to warn you. Many of John's writings and interviews are available at his website.

Download 17:33 Recorded on August 23, 2006