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Eric Rosenbloom Debunking Industrial Wind Energy

I first came across Eric's work while searching for critiques of wind farms, since so many are going up all around the world, and there are so many questions not reaching the debate around them. I see very little discussion of big energy companies, capitalism, industrial infrastructure, colonialism, and so on, inform people's ideas of these new 'alternative,' 'green,' energy projects. Eric is the president of National Wind Watch, an organization that promotes awareness of the negative impacts of wind farms.

In their own words, "Energy security and the need to reduce pollutants and other emissions are serious issues. Therefore, we should not be distracted by symbolic or "feel-good" gestures that fail to meaningfully address these issues and in fact do substantial harm. We advocate an intellectually honest assessment of the benefits and costs of industrial wind development. Our objective is to be a resource of information and assistance for individuals and local groups seeking the facts about industrial wind power."

Eric shared with me some of the critiques of wind farms, including the very little energy they actually offer and how no coal or nuclear power plants will ever be shut down because of wind turbines, the ecological destruction inherent in their construction, the negative ways marginalized communities who live near proposed wind farms are treated, and more.

A couple good introductory sources for more information on these issues are: American Wind Energy Opposition, and In the Wake.

Download 35:59 Recorded on August 29, 2007