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The Story of Eric McDavid, Entrapped by Paid FBI Informant and Recently Sentenced to 19.5 Years in Prison

Eric McDavid had the misfortune of falling in love with an FBI informant, a young woman who went by the name Anna. She was being paid by the FBI to fish for people at protests who she could convince to conspire with her to engage in illegal direct actions. Eric and two others, Zachary Jenson and Lauren Weiner, were involved in a plot 'Anna' led; Zachary and Lauren decided to plead guilty and testify against Eric, while Eric held out as not-guilty, maintaining that the whole thing was a trap. Eric was recently found guilty and sentenced to 19.5 years in prison. His lawyer, Mark Reichel, explains the ins and outs of this shocking story.

Eric's support website is supporteric.org. You can learn more about the Green Scare, the larger government plot which Eric's case fits into, by listening to my interview with attorney Lauren Regan, or by reading up on greenscare.org.

Visit this link for a picture of 'Anna', taken from an Elle magazine article she is featured in.

Download 41:28  Recorded June 25, 2008

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