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Derrick Jensen on Decay, Parasites, and the Wetiko Psychosis

Derrick and I talked at length about some of the subjects within a couple books of his which are not yet published, and the interview ended up being quite unique and broad. As usual, Derrick speaks in a non-linear and tangential fashion that manages to illuminate connections between diverse and fascinating topics.

He talks about how different parasites and viruses have the ability to take control of hosts, and how human behaviour is affected by this. He also talks about our perceptions of shit and waste and different ways of being in relationship with the earth, and how many Native Americans regarded (and still regard) European colonialists as insane - not metaphorically, but in that their cannibalistic, violent, self-destructive way of life is truly a psychosis for which there is no cure. We also talk about things that border on the paranormal, like interspecies communications, the memory of place, muses, and more. I found it to be a very interesting and thought-provoking interview.

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Recorded January 17, 2007