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Derrick Jensen: Civilization's Endgame, Strategies, and Tactics

Derrick Jensen is the author of Language Older than Words, A Culture of Make Believe, Endgame Volume 1: The Problem of Civilization and Endgame volume 2: Resistance, among many others. His work examines the many unquestioned tenets of life in civilization, and he does so in such a way that leaves every reader (or listener) deeply moved, as well as refreshingly inspired.

Interweaving political, historical, philosophical, and deeply personal perspectives, his work traces the roots of this culture’s hatred and violence, illuminating the complex relationships between economics, power, racism, sexism, ecological devastation, and civilization. He does not merely explain how we got here, but goes much further, exploring ways in which we can work towards a culture that does not perpetuate hatred, objectification, and oppression.

In this interview, Derrick discusses topics in his upcoming book, including countering abusive power dynamics, fighting back, surviving civilization's collapse, hopelessness, love, and so much more.

Available in 4 parts:

Part 1 37:04
Part 2 26:36
Part 3 19:09
Part 4 24:33

Recorded October 26, 2005

Here is another interview with Derrick that you can read, titled Revolution, Sustainability, and Civilization, by the anarchist magazine The A Word.