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Tyendinaga Mohawks Successfully Stop Another Illegal Developement on Their Land

I spoke with Dan Doreen, from the community of Tyendinaga, about an illegal residential development that was stopped from occurring. The land in question is part of the Culbertson Tract, which includes the small town of Deseronto, in southeastern Ontario.

Two developers, Theo and Emile Nibourg, claim title to the Mohawk land, and had planned to build 220-240 residential units. On Monday morning, people from Tyendinaga blocked the main road going through Deseronto, and after a 24 hour period, the Nibourgs have agreed not to do anymore work on the land. Those involved in the blockade are committed to not allowing any kind of development within the Culbertson Tract.

To follow up from this interview, two days later, on Friday April 25, Dan and several others were arrested. I'm not yet sure why. This was followed by a brief standoff at the reclaimed quarry near Deseronto, between the OPP and Mohawks within the quarry, after the cops claimed to have seen a gun pointed at them.

For more info see Tense native standoff ends; six arrested.

Download 8:43  Recorded April 23, 2008

This interview is hosted on rabble.ca, so there is an intro ad for rabble. Hope you don't mind, the server at the radio station is inaccessible to me these days.