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Pre-Dawn Paramilitary Raid on Bear Mountain Tree Sit

Just one week after the first interview with people from the Bear Mountain tree sit, a force dozens of armed RCMP officers stormed the forest to evict them. As people were being led away in handcuffs, workers were already beginning to cut down the forest.

On Wednesday, February 13, everyone in the tree sit camp was arrested. Three people, including two tree sitters, were held and charged with mischief and obstructing a highway. They have now been released. The massive attack by police involved as many as 300 RCMP officers, dozens of them with assault rifles drawn and pointed at the campers

The protest was trying to stop a highway interchange that is set to service a multi-billion dollar luxury resort development, a massive and destructive project that is strongly supported by those in power in Langford. The tree sit had widespread public support, and the paramilitary raid has sparked even wider outrage. For more information, please visit the support website for the tree sit.

Download 19:21  Recorded February 20, 2008

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