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Angela Bischoff

Angela has recently been traveling across Canada on the Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour, facilitating workshops in communities about mental health, the pharmaceutical industry, depression and burnout in activist circles, and more. In our interview we talk about all these topics, and end up talking about how we can stay healthy and active in our struggles... something which can certainly be elusive at some times.

Angela was married to Tooker Gomberg, a prolific and tireless activist who campaigned around all kinds of ecological and social justice issues, even coming second in a race to be the mayor of Toronto. However, eventually he burnt himself out and became deeply depressed, and because most health insurance will not pay for holistic treatment, opting only to pay for psychiatrists, Tooker's only option at the time was to take anti-depressant drugs. These drugs led him to such a severe state of agitation that he killed himself by jumping off a bridge in Halifax.

Since then, Angela plunged into these issues, and has now dedicated her efforts to educating people about the drug industry, and ways to avoid being sucked into it. If you would like to learn more about her work, please check out her Greenspiration website, and download a publication she produced, called Depression Expression. It has an amazing array of information, as well as lots of resources about alternatives to drugs.

Download 44:50 Recorded June 14, 2006